This Week in the CLE
A review and analysis of the week's news in Northeast Ohio
4 years ago

This Week in the CLE: Thursday May 9, 2019

More bucks for utilities, ray of light for film industry, more jail distress, Trump’s Lordstown misdirection and the best album of the 1980s

In the latest episode of our This Week in the CLE podcast, we discuss a tax cut for everyone, diverting more public dollars to electric companies, a ray of light for the movie industry, continuing distress at the Cuyahoga County jail, momentum for abating lead paint in Cleveland and Troy Smith’s spirited defense of his ranking of top 1980s albums.

The weekly podcast is a review and analysis of the news by the people who bring you that news, the reporters and editors at

We also talk about the: - way President Donald Trump got ahead of himself in claiming a victory at Lordstown, - latest on the battle to redraw Ohio Congressional districts without the gerrymandering, - coming removal of Brecksville dam on the Cuyahoga County river, - former federal prosecutors in Ohio who say Trump obstructed justice, - challenge of treating Lake Erie like it’s a person, - lessons for Cleveland in St. Louis’ failure to consolidate governments, - Parma pit bull ban, - move to abolish Columbus Day in Cleveland, - effort to shrink Cleveland City Council - Lake Erie’s record water level, and - the solution to the mystery of North Olmsted.

Join me as I host discussions with columnist Mark Naymik, editors Laura Johnston, Jane Kahoun, Mike Norman and Mark Vosburgh, data expert Rich Exner and reporters Courtney Astolfi, Eric Heisig, Mary Kilpatrick, Pete Krouse and Anne Nickoloff.

We wrap up the discussion by visiting with pop culture writer Troy Smith, who says Purple Rain is the best 1980s album. His editor strongly disagrees.