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4 years ago

This Week in the CLE: July 3, 2019

Columbus Statehouse bungling, unsanitary Cleveland restaurants, Bernie Moreno’s Tower City gambit, justice reform’s big leap. All-Star Game fun and how non-musicians can rock out at the Rock Hall

Episode Notes

The two Larrys, Householder and Obhof, just couldn’t get the job done in the Ohio House and Senate, so Ohio is without a proper budget for the first time since 2009.

Dysfunction in Columbus is where we begin the latest episode of This Week in the CLE, the podcast discussion and analysis of the news by the people best equipped to have that discussion, the reporters and editors at

Politics editor Jane Kahoun provides the perspective on the Ohio budget battle, and she also explains why a bill to bail out the state’s nuclear plants remains stalled.

Data expert Rich Exner offers the latest on his popular report on restaurants that fail food inspections. He began this year’s reporting with Cleveland and will soon publish the reports from elsewhere. Rich also explains what it means when a citation of a restaurant is listed as critical. The reasons are not pretty,.

Reporter Emily Bamforth delivers the culmination of Cleveland’s worst-kept secret, that the mall at Tower City is planned for Bernie’s Moreno entrepreneurship center, the latest iteration of his Blockland initiative.

Reporter Pete Krouse has a big development in the long-winding path of justice reform, the plan to expand the pretrial services that will allow more people to skip jail as they await trial on criminal charges. The project Justice For All, started in 2016, has shown how the existing system penalizes the poor. The change will help provide more equal treatment.

Sports editor Dave Campbell brings us all sorts of details about the lead-up to Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game in Cleveland Tuesday,

The Rock Hall just unveiled its much anticipated Garage attraction, in which musicians and non-musicians can take a quick lesson, from a computer monitor or an in-person instructor, and start jamming with others on guitars, basses, drums and more. And these are not beginner instruments. They are first-rate guitars from Fender and Gibson, with amps from Marshall. Pop culture writer Troy Smith checked out the exhibit and tells why he thinks it works.

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